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Wimbledon Court 1 redevelopment on track – video

The development of the roof on No.1 Court at Wimbledon is on track for completion and a grand opening in 2019.

The development of Court No.1 continues to be the current focus of the Wimbledon Master Plan and year two of the three-year project is on schedule.

For 2018, work has included the completion of the new fixed roof; the opening of “The Walled Garden” – a new two-level public plaza (formerly Court 19); a new, larger Big Screen for The Hill (18m in width); and the refurbishment of seven hospitality suites.

More complex in both size and scale than the installation of the Centre Court roof, but working to the same building timeframe, the No.1 Court Project is being led by main contractor Sir Robert McAlpine and remains on track to be finished in time for The Championships 2019.

Nine of the 11 trusses that will eventually support the retractable roof will be visible at the Aorangi practice courts during this year’s Championships.

During the final stage of the project, the trusses will be put in place to form the retractable section of the roof, and all seats inside No.1 Court will be replaced, providing improved comfort for spectators.

For the No.1 Court Project:

– 2,300 tons of steel was delivered to the Grounds this year, including the nine trusses, which weigh 650 tons.

– More than 130km of electrical and data cabling has been run through the build.

– On an average day, there are 750 people working on the No.1 Court roof project. In all, more than 4,000 people have worked on the project in the last year.

– The current total of man hours worked since the project commenced is more than 2.2 million.

– Over 40 miles of scaffolding tubes, connected together by more than 81,000 fittings, has been constructed and now removed ahead of The Championships.

Watch a video of the project here.

Meanwhile, the following elements of the Master Plan are currently at development, planning and design stages:

– Somerset Road: Following the completion of the No.1 Court Project in 2019, improvements to the Somerset Road site will be addressed as the next stage of the Master Plan.

– Relocation of six clay courts on the main site to unlock the southern Grounds for future development.

– Six new indoor courts and improved indoor facilities for competitors’ use.

– Construction of an underground car park, which will be the hub of The Championships’ courtesy car operation, and the relocated competitor drop-off and accreditation area.

– The underground car park will also provide an enhanced year-round parking solution for staff and contractors to help mitigate congestion on Somerset Road.

– Museum Building: Planning permission has been received to build an additional floor on the Museum Building, the AELTC’s main office facilities. Works will commence immediately following this year’s Championships and are due for completion in April 2019.

– AELTC Community Sports Ground at Raynes Park: The local community facility currently has six hard courts (three indoor and three outdoor), with more than 500 players registered for ‘pay and play’ access to the centre. Phase 2 of the development, which includes the addition of grass courts and an increased number of covered courts, is currently awaiting planning permission.

– Millennium Building: A refurbishment of this important facility, which houses Members, Competitors, and Media, is currently at briefing and design stage.

– Wimbledon Park Golf Club: As has been reported, the AELTC has made an offer to the Wimbledon Park Golf Club regarding early surrender of its lease, currently due to revert to the AELTC in 2041. The details of the offer are being considered by WPGC and remain confidential.