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Winning formula for Seat Renew in Melbourne

Australia sees some of the planet’s harshest sunshine, so it’s not a surprise that temporary grandstand seating fades and becomes chalky.

This is a big problem when the seats are hired for high-profile events such as the Melbourne Grand Prix.

Luckily for Formula 1 enthusiasts, however, Seat Renew Global Limited was able to refurbish these seats to an almost new condition. All the chalky rub-off has gone and the seats are left clean and shiny.

Work on the 12,000 seats was completed over a two week period, while they were erected prior to the event.

The difference is astounding and will enable premium usage for many years to come.

Paul Thornhill, Seat Renew Global, international sales manager, said:

Whether it is temporary grandstand seating or permanent stadium fixtures, all the work is done in situ. Our team goes to the venue as they did in Melbourne, and the entire seat restoration process is performed with little or no disruption to the venue and its events.

Once the seats are restored they are immediately usable and able to be enjoyed by spectators.

This gives sport venues anywhere in the world the opportunity to restore faded seats without the need for costly replacements.

It’s a win all around for the venue. They act environmentally with no costly disposal of old used seating. Renewing and restoring to almost new condition can be done several times over several years. This cost saving compared to the purchase of new seating is often dramatic.

Seat Renew Global Limited was established in New Zealand to remedy the problem of sun faded plastic stadium seats.

There are more than 150 million stadium seats throughout the world and all plastic seats fade once subjected to the elements for an extended period.

Seat Renew developed a plastic restoration process which restores stadium seating back to the original colour and condition followed by a maintenance plan to keep seats looking great year after year. This planned maintenance approach has huge economic and environmental pay-off. Plastic seating can now have an almost indefinite lifespan with a quality look throughout that life.

The restoration process is quick, simple and fully managed by Seat Renew no matter where you are in the world. At Seat Renew we’re committed to quality of service and operating with integrity.