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World Cup pitches in preparation around Brazil

Two Brazilian turf constructors, World Sports & Marketing and Green Leaf, are currently renovating or rebuilding all the 12 World Cup stadium pitches for next summer’s tournament. FIFA held seminars to establish the best turf solutions for the very different climates around Brazil and the result is a return to a combination which was successful for the World Cup in South Africa 2010 – a turf grass seed mix supplied by DLF and sown from scratch.

Responding on the choice of seed, Green Leaf CEO Paulo Antonio Azeredo Neto said:

In the preparations for the World Cup we are confronted by multiple challenges for the pitches, the tropical season being one and the shady conditions another. The 4turf innovation and the high-end quality sports grass solutions from DLF provide the answers to these challenges and we are looking forward to seeing the convincing performance on the Brazilian stadiums.

The football pitches are generally Bermuda grass based, but due to the winter dormancy of Bermuda grass the pitches need to be reinforced with temperate sports turfgrass to provide the perfect playing surface during the tournament. To meet this requirement the pitches are overseeded with DLF’s top performing perennial ryegrasses including 4turf, a new and innovative turfgrass from the R&D stable of DLF-TRIFOLIUM. The 4turf cultivar in the chosen mixture has been trialled in the UK at the STRI and the final seed mixture thoroughly tested in Brazil by both international advisors and local sports grass specialists.

World Sports & Marketing CEO, Roberto Gomide, said:

The DLF grass seed for the World Cup has that unique technical quality and visible features that will create the ultimate playing surface needed for the World Cup in Brazil. I feel confident that the pitches will be outstanding!