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Zumtobel lights up FC Augsburg’s WWK Arena

More than eight years after the official opening of the stadium, the WWK Arena in Augsburg, Germany, has had an impressive new façade added.

Zumtobel developed “light tubes” – special luminaries – that have been integrated into the unique façade structure, making it an architectural highlight.

The initial design for the new Augsburg Stadium by architects Bernhard & Kögl involved the spectacular exterior façade and now, eight years after commissioning, this vision has been turned into reality.

The new, modern and climate-neutral stadium, which was opened in September 2009, is the home ground of FC Augsburg and is also used as a venue for matches of the men’s and women’s national football teams.

At the start of the 2015/16 season, the WWK Insurance Group became the main sponsor of FC Augsburg and since then, has lent its name to the 30,600 seat WWK Arena.

With its commitment to Augsburg, the insurance group decided to finance the previously uncompleted façade, thereby turning the stadium into a special highlight.

The aluminium structure is wrapped around the stadium like a nest in three levels.

In an irregular, Mikado stick-like arrangement, the LED fluorescent tubes are woven into the aluminium tube construction.

Zumtobel took up the idea and vision of architects Bernhard & Kögl of a homogeneously luminous, oversized tube of light throughout the project and turned it into reality with the construction of the “light tubes”.

In the competition design for the new Augsburg stadium, the original plan for the façade was a Profilit glass shell in the club colours green, red and white.

Subsequently, a more favourable façade design by the stadium architects Titus Bernhard and Peter Kögl with aluminium round profiles and LED tubes was presented, but not commissioned.

The project team “Atelier of Light”, which implements architectural projects with special solutions at Zumtobel, had already been in direct contact with Bernhard through previous joint projects.

Thus, Zumtobel developed the entire design concept for the light façade based on state-of-the-art LED technology in close cooperation with the architects.

Oliver Mosselman, project manager in the Complex Project Management Team of the Atelier of Light at Zumtobel said:

It was only because of the expertise of the ‘Atelier of Light’ in various areas of special construction, lighting design and visualisation, combined with a unique network of competent, external specialists and partners that we were able to implement the development and production of this unique and impressive lighting solution in line with the architect’s vision.