The Welsh Rugby Union has sealed a landmark multi-year partnership with Vodafone, who become the Founding Principal Partner of women and girls’ rugby in Wales and a Digital Transformation Partner to Principality Stadium.

Vodafone’s role as a Digital Transformation Partner to Principality Stadium will see the brand use innovative tech solutions and the power of Vodafone 5G to bring fans closer to the action, with the aim of making Principality Stadium the most connected stadium in the world.

Vodafone will also work with the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) to support the continued growth of Women’s rugby, aiming to reach over 10,000 active female players in Wales by 2026.

The partnership will allow the WRU to further develop its female performance pathway

Vodafone’s Digital Transformation Rights to Principality Stadium will see the brand use its 5G network and innovative tech solutions to bring fans closer to the action

The commercial partnership is the first step in a broad, multi-year partnership between the WRU and Vodafone, that will further support, develop and benefit the whole of Welsh rugby.