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A digital experience for UROS LIVE Arena

Digitalisation is changing the event industry at a rapid pace and offers spectators the opportunity for an increasingly diverse event experience, even on site.

Opportunities will also be seen in the new UROS LIVE arena, where Elisa will build telecommunications connections.

At the UROS LIVE arena, which will be completed in Tampere, Finland in December, digital will make the event a truly shared experience, where the best aspects of the live event and broadcast will be combined.

In the multifunctional arena, video and other communications are transmitted on Elisa’s network, and the arena’s digital displays utilize the Hummingbird system developed by Elisa Videra to monitor the life cycle of the displays and the need for maintenance.

Digitalisation enables arena audiences to experience new kinds of experiences and interactions during the event.

© SRV/Credit Tomorrow AB / Studio Libeskind/Aihio Architects

Owe Ekman, director at Elisa Videra said:

Nowadays, it is possible to bring high-quality live images to digital screens and at the same time transmit video to the viewer’s phone. From your phone, you can, for example, monitor the scoring camera, rewind and slow down the broadcast views, and monitor live statistics. Involving the public in the course of the event is also smooth through good connections. Thanks to real-time, every spectator has the opportunity to have a customized event experience on site.

The telecommunications connections built by Elisa create a solid foundation for the development of the UROS LIVE arena event experience to be completed in Tampere. Elisa Videra, on the other hand, supports the transmission of the digital event to the public on site and online.

© SRV/Credit Tomorrow AB / Studio Libeskind/Aihio Architects

Jussi Maaniitty, head of digital business at UROS LIVE Arena, said:

In the UROS LIVE arena, we invest in the experiential nature of events and the added value brought by digital. With Elisa’s network solutions, we ensure stable and reliable telecommunications connections for arena events. In the future, we will also study the possibilities of new technologies in event production.

5G brings new opportunities to the event industry

The event industry will continue to benefit from the benefits of 5G technology, such as short latency and high network data transfer capacity. The UROS LIVE arena is also exploring the possibilities of a new generation 5G network. After the Helsinki metropolitan area, the people of Tampere are the most active users of 5G in Finland.

© SRV/Credit Tomorrow AB / Studio Libeskind/Aihio Architects

Kalle Lehtinen, Elisa’s regional director for Häme region, added:

In Tampere, the benefits of 5G have been discovered quickly and in the future we also want to enable the visitor of the UROS LIVE arena to have unique event experiences through new technology. In the arena environment, the 5G network would make it possible, for example, to connect the arena’s digital screens and create world-class mobile experiences for an audience of 15,000 people.

All images credit: © SRV/Credit Tomorrow AB / Studio Libeskind/Aihio Architects