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Abu Dhabi to host giant esports hub

A huge esports and VR gaming complex is set to open Al Qana in Abu Dhabi in 2021.

Pixel will include the first ever certified esports academy in the region, with esports alone estimated to be a $1 billion industry

Pixel is set to be the latest evolution of Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) and will cater to families, gamers and technology enthusiasts.

The concept of Pixel will introduce a world-class esports hub combined with Virtual Reality in one single gaming complex.

Visitors will have the chance to immerse themselves in online gaming in one experience through the latest technology from a variety of virtual reality simulators.

Pixel will also include the first ever certified esports academy in the region with the mission of highlighting the importance of playing responsibly. The hub will also feature an events space to host tournaments as well as an arcade area that will be run by gamers for gamers.

Karim Ibrahim, CEO of Robocom VR, said:

There’s a constant demand for new and diverse location-based entertainment centres that fit the global standards across the Middle East. With Pixel, gamers will have a chance to fully immerse themselves into new dimensions of gaming.

We will provide an opportunity for gamers to grow and develop their professional talent to compete in international competitions and tournaments. Building VR hubs is the bread and butter of Robocom VR and we are excited to reveal gamers’ heaven, the most integrated gaming experience at Al Qana Abu Dhabi, for the UAE and the rest of the world.

The revenues of the whole gaming industry are estimated to be larger than those of worldwide box offices, music streaming and album sales, and major sports leagues all put together.

According to regional industry reports, gaming in the MENA region is estimated to be a $4.5 billion. The number of Middle East gamers is believed to be over 100 million and close to 2.5 billion worldwide.

Al Qana is focused towards leisure and fun for all, with over 50% of the leasable area assigned to entertainment. The project is on track for construction completion with over 90% complete.