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AC Milan gets the go-ahead for new €330m stadium

Italian club, AC Milan, has been granted permission to build a new €330m (US$363m, £236m) stadium in the north of the city.

The seven-time European football champions’ plans for a new 48,000-capacity stadium in the Portello region of Milan were approved by The Fondazione Fiera – the city administrators – following a six-month consultation period.

Designed by world-renowned sports architects Arup, the Club has described the stadium as “the most innovative in the world”. The design team, which is being led by Arup, studied 70 different stadia across the world before producing the plans.

As well as a new stadium, the project includes a hotel, sports college, restaurants, green areas and public art spaces.

The mixed-use project will take its inspiration from English stadiums, with the purpose of creating a multi-use venue that is operational both on matchdays and non-matchdays, and can be reached by public transport.

To limit the venue’s impact on the surrounding area, the stadium will be built partly underground, resulting in the building only being 30m tall at its highest peak. The design also includes a moveable roof to mitigate noise pollution, while special attention will be focused on the social and environmental needs of the fans/patrons.

Part of the Club’s motivation to produce sustainable and environmentally considerate plans stems from the fact that residents of Milan have previously opposed the relocation plans.

Speaking about the new stadium development in Milan-based broadsheet, Corriere della Sera, Giovanni Malago, President of the Italian Olympic Committee, CONI,  said:

I had already expressed support for this project. Now I can express my great satisfaction and congratulate all the protagonists. I back all operations that are linked to building new stadiums, with new philosophies on safety, new concepts of services for families, maybe even with museum activities. The future of Italian football also belongs to privately-owned stadiums.

Doctor Barbara Berlusconi said of the decision made by The Fondazione Fiera regarding the new stadium:

It is the first historic step. Milan will be like London. Today, with the decision of the Fair Fondazione Fiera, officially starts the path that, at least in our intention, will lead to a new stadium.

It is a first step because we will have to submit the entire project to the institutions for approval. Today, however, is a historic day. Ours is primarily a cultural challenge. First of all for Milan because we offer: an urban stadium, to promote the development of the area that will host it, to make it safer and a symbol of the city, it will completely change the mentality of those who have gone to the stadium, proposing services and moments of entertainment not only for the 90 minutes of the game.

At the same time, we will fight to discourage private and encouraging instead public transport. Milan, therefore, will be like London. In fact, London also has urban stadiums, they can be reached by metro and have allowed the redevelopment of the areas in which they were built.

In addition, for Milan, it is essential for the commercial development of the club. The use of the stadium overall will bring in €50-€80m per year. This income will also be used to buy new players.


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