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AFC Bournemouth puts new stadium plans on hold

AFC Bournemouth has delayed plans to move into a new stadium in the English town by 2020.

The club board has said it was “overly optimistic” that a new stadium would be completed by the summer of 2020.

In December 2016, the Premier League club announced plans to build a new ground near their current home within King’s Park. The club said in a statement:

We have demonstrated our commitment to this with the purchase of land for the development of a new multimillion-pound training ground.

Any future developments will be undertaken around a healthy financial strategy that does not take away our ability to perform at our strongest levels on the pitch and risk what has been achieved to date.

With regard to the developments, when we have a reliable timeframe we will make those facts known.

In this respect, we appreciate the fans’ continued and passionate support of the team, which is wholeheartedly felt on the pitch every week by the manager and the squad.

The current ground, the 11,450-capacity Vitality Stadium, is leased from property company Structadene.

The club said the board is working hard to achieve not only the vision of supporters but also the ambitions of all those associated with AFC Bournemouthfor an exciting future in the best league in the world.

It added that there is a strong vision for the future of AFC Bournemouth, which will take time, patience and the necessary financial resources to create.

This vision revolves crucially, and as a priority, around a team that is stable, established and competitive in the Premier League. The club added:

Being a Premier League team brings financial rewards. However, every penny of those funds, together with significant, additional investment from the club’s shareholders, has been put in to ensuring AFC Bournemouth remain at this level.

The financial risks the shareholders have taken to realise this vision cannot be underestimated.

Those risks paved the way for AFC Bournemouth to become a Premier League club and have given the club the financial support it has today. The follow-on benefits have been significantly felt throughout not only the town but the whole of Dorset.

Part of the club’s vision includes, in time where resources allow, to build first class facilities for the squad, staff and supporters.