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AFL release Ataturk Stadium animation – video

AFL Architects has released a fly-through of the proposed redeveloped Ataturk Stadium, created as part of the firm’s production of Turkey’s UEFA Euro 2024 bid.

UEFA released their evaluation of Turkey’s and Germany’s bids last week, with the final decision on the host country to be made this Thursday.

As part of the bid production, the practice looked at the tournament readiness of seven stadia, and the major upgrade and design of three stadia for the tournament.

As the centrepiece stadium of the bid, Ataturk Stadium will symbolise the new home of Turkish football. Watch the fly-through here.

John Roberts sports director AFL Architects said:

The 10 stadiums have been optimised to provide an unparalleled fan experience. Our Ataturk Stadium concept not only serves as an exemplar of this ambition, but truly highlights the incredible promises Turkey has made to UEFA.

We understand they have delivered on every commitment made in their previous 2016 submission, and so we look forward to the concept being made a reality once the decision is announced.

At gross capacity of 92,000, the new design brings crowds closer to the game, improving the layout of the original Olympic Stadium and providing state of the art hospitality and VIP facilities.

The stadium incorporates a 360-video wall around the seating bowl. Enveloping all of this is a white GRC exoskeleton with wind capture technology, allowing the stadium to generate energy from the hilltop site.

The design of the cladding takes inspiration from historic Turkish hats and artwork, reflecting the layered history of the region and a continued legacy for the founder of the Republic of Turkey – Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Using intelligent phased planning, the main construction will not affect the stadium’s hosting of the 2020 Champions League Final.

AFL’s team of sports architects also assisted in the production of the 2020 bid, allowing the event to take place in an improved facility before progressing the design to its proposed 2024 form.

The UEFA Executive Committee will select the host association for UEFA EURO 2024 on Thursday 27 September 2018.