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Architects chosen for Sporting de Charleroi stadium

Belgian First Division A football club Sporting de Charleroi have revealed plans to build a new stadium by 2024.

And the club has just appointed a team of architects to design the new 20,000 seat venue.

The club currently plays at the 15,000 capacity Stade du Pays de Charleroi, which was built for the 2000 UEFA European Championship in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The current stadium is deemed to be no longer fit for purpose, however, and the club recently launched its Horizon 2024 project to plan the new multifunctional stadium.

After consulting four international teams demonstrating expertise in stadium construction, the choice of club was mainly dictated by four criteria: motivation, skills, budget and references.

Sporting de Charleroi decided to award the contract to the team formed around the agency Mariotti & Associes, architects in Metz.

In addition to Christophe Mariotti, his project management team will be composed of Carre 7 architects in La Louvière, the Batiserf design office in Grenoble, the Pirnay and Polytech design offices in Charleroi, Audiovisuel Workshop of Lyon, and Clarity Studio from Paris for acoustics.

The selected team will now immediately start their work to put their know-how on paper in order to transform the club’s ideas into a stadium project and tackle the future deadlines related to the construction of the new arena with a view to its delivery in 2024.

The stadium will be located on the former AMS site in the municipality of Marchienne-au-Pont.

Image: The club’s current Stade du Pays de Charleroi