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Arena creates space for ATP World Tour Finals

The Barclays ATP World Tour Finals at the O2 in London were a truly memorable event this year, with Andy and Jamie Murray’s achievements creating tennis history when they achieved World number one rankings in singles and doubles.

Behind the scenes UK based Arena Group supported the ATP and AEG, installing over 8,500sqm of bespoke temporary event structures to produce a new look tournament having secured a three year contract with the ATP Tour.

Following the 2015 Barclays ATP World Tour Finals AEG informed the ATP that the space used for the Fan Zone was no longer available and conversations between the ATP and Arena Group began to redesign the event’s footprint.

It was decided to move the players and sponsors facilities, including the practice courts and players restaurant, to a temporary facility adjacent to The O2 and relocate the Fan Zone inside the venue. Arena Group responded to the brief to create temporary venues in-keeping with the environment, installing its new I-Novation system and creating a new flat-roof structure, used for the VIP reception and security area.

Project manager Dan Bluff said:

There was a lot of consultation, planning, investment, innovative engineering and creative thought behind this project and I think it has paid off with the best structure we’ve ever produced for an event.

The 40m x 50m I-Novation system delivers a more permanent feeling venue, with 13m high legs giving the headroom the client requested. This external building mirrored the style of The O2 arena forming an outer skin comfortably accommodating the players and sponsors’ facilities inside it, which were comprised of two 40m x 15m Arena triple-decker hospitality structures either side of the practice court.

Arena Interiors’ creative abilities shone here, from beautifully appointed players’ lounges to bespoke sponsors’ hospitality suites, with event furniture supplied from within the Arena Group by Spaceworks.

I-Novation’s improved insulation properties were appreciated in the November climate, as were Arena’s new wooden staircases and walling system, all of which contributed to the overall quality of the temporary venue.

The VIP reception and security area guests arrived through were also new structures, designed in line with the client’s wish to have a building that didn’t have an apex, which fitted in with the local environment.

Arena Structures’ in-house structural engineers adapted the company’s triple deck base system to create a flat roof venue covering a 250sqm area with no internal pillars.

Inside the O2 Arena’s Tensile Fabric Structure (TFS) housed the second practice court at the core of the relocated Fan Zone alongside the double decker media facility.

In the main O2 Arena three broadcast studios were installed over the seating at one end, from which the event was broadcast to millions of viewers, who enjoyed a spectacular week of tennis culminating with Andy Murray being crowned both Barclays ATP World Tour Finals champion and the year-end world number one.

Event director Adam Hogg said:

The Barclays ATP World Tour Finals is the climax of the men’s professional tennis season. As such, we strive to deliver the best possible experience for all stakeholders at the tournament, whether that be the players, sponsors, media or fans. Working closely this year with AEG and Arena Group we were able to deliver a world-class event that provided all of these groups with an enhanced offering and a positive experience for their time at The O2.

Images courtesy of Arena Group