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Athletics venue in Lyon, France, up for Grand Prix of architecture award

The Stéphane Diagana Athletics Hall will feature as part of the Grand Prix of architecture, urban planning and the environment of the Rhone, open in Lyon to 15 December. The exhibition has been organized by the CAUE du Rhône and the Rhône Department. Three prizes and five awards will be then awarded by the jury from 27 entries. The awards ceremony will take place on 2 December.

The Euros 16 million Stéphane Diagana Athletics Hall is part of the city of Lyon project known as La Duchère. With a capacity of 2,000 seats, it has a 200m 6-lane track and a 60m 8-lane sprint track, areas for jumping and discus. Level 1 provides a warm-up room and gym. The Hall serves athletes at all levels, from school to professional.

Architect Chabanne and partners said:

The kinetic architecture is an expression of speed and movement in the ring of the track. The outer skin is metal satin which fluidly wraps around the facility, creating a volumetric continuity and colour.

More than 60% of the venue’s energy needs are met through the use of renewables. The roof is equipped with photovoltaic panels and there’s a network of urban heat (biomass).