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Auburn University baseball players see the light

A newly installed LED lighting system at Samford Stadium-Hitchcock Field at Plainsman Park will significantly improve the experience for Auburn University baseball players and fans.

Administrators at Auburn made the decision to install new lighting at Plainsman Park in an effort to enhance visibility for players and improve their ability to track the ball.

They explored several options and visited venues at other major universities to compare the results of different LED lighting applications.

Butch Thompson, head baseball coach at Auburn, said:

This has been my first experience with LED lighting and seeing the functionality up close. All our interactions have been positive, from the immediacy of which it powers up to the players’ response on the playing surface.

This is my 25th year in coaching and this is far and away the best lighting I have ever seen at a baseball stadium. We feel like Plainsman Park now possesses the best lighting system in America and that is a big deal to us.

In addition to the whiter, more uniform light and improved visibility on the field, Auburn will benefit from the long-term reliability of a system complete with lighting, structural, and electrical components that have been engineered to work together.

Musco backs up the new lighting with a 25-year warranty that covers parts and labour, eliminating any maintenance concerns and costs for Auburn over the long term.

With the system in place, CO2 emissions will be cut by 845 metric tons compared to the previous lighting, and Auburn will save more than $442,000 in energy and maintenance costs over the next 25 years.

Jeff Rogers, vice president of Musco Lighting, said:

Auburn’s project team put in a lot of work early in the process to determine exactly what they wanted and what would best meet their needs.

They wanted the best results for their players and fans, and they did the research to understand the different levels of performance LED lighting can deliver. The customized system we designed for Plainsman Park will enable players to track the entire flight of the ball, improve the experience for fans, and relieve Auburn from having to worry about maintenance.