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AZ Alkmaar chooses LED luminaires for new training grounds

No less than three fields at the new training grounds of Dutch topflight football club AZ Alkmaar will be fitted with LED luminaires. The club announced at the ground-breaking ceremony for the new complex that it has selected high-power LED lighting of AAA-LUX to illuminate the fields.

By choosing AAA-LUX LED luminaires, AZ Alkmaar has chosen proven quality. The Company was, in 2009, the first manufacturer that managed to meet the lighting requirements of test institute Kiwa ISA-Sport by using a LED luminaire.

AAA-LUX Marketing and Sales Director, Michel van Dooren, commented:

We have now completed over 400 installations including some at professional football clubs in Belgium, Germany and Italy. AZ Alkmaar, however, is the first professional football in the Netherlands to recognise the benefits of LED lighting and the contribution the luminaires can make towards improving players and the game.

The light quality produced by AAA-LUX LED luminaires is similar to that of natural light. Players who train in the evenings but play their games during the day can now rest assured of similar lighting conditions. Van Dooren added:

Players will be able to follow the ball better and react faster. That will improve the game.

The AAA-LUX LED luminaires also allow for better video recording of the training sessions. This enables the technical staff to assess and improve players’ performance better, as Van Dooren explained:

Light from conventional luminaires ‘vibrates’ and that affects the quality of the images recorded. The LED luminaires from AAA-LUX provide so-called ‘continuous illumination.’ This prevents distortions of camera images. The coaching staff will, therefore, get a calmer and clearer picture of what the camera has recorded. For that reason, Hoffenheim, which plays in the German Bundesliga, chose the AAA-LUX LED luminaires. These LED luminaires were installed late 2014.

The installation at the new training grounds of AZ Alkmaar will be conducted by Klaver Infratechniek, a certified partner of AAA-LUX. Van Dooren added:

They have all the knowledge and ability to provide a proper installation of the LED luminaires. AZ Alkmaar will soon, therefore, enjoy the maximum benefit from the investment.

Van Dooren hopes that this installation will be the first step towards the embracement of LED luminaires for stadiums in the Netherlands, as he advised:

We have used the knowledge and experience we have gained over the past 10 years at AAA-LUX to develop a full stadium fixture. I expect, therefore, that it is only a matter of time before we will actually illuminate a stadium field in the Netherlands, like we did already in Malta, Belgium and Italy.