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Başakşehir Stadium ‘sports’ sound reinforcement system

Alongside the long-established Beşiktaş, Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe, a fourth Istanbul club is making waves on the Turkish soccer scene, Başakşehir, which was founded in 1990.

The Club’s new stadium seats 20,000 and satisfies the highest modern standards. An important role in this is played by the venue’s sound reinforcement system. The installation of which was entrusted to the Istanbul-based Electro-Voice distributor, Atempo, with Istanbul Regional Director, Volkan Konuralp, leading the team.

The solution proposed by Atempo – a combined pro sound and evacuation system – saw off strong competition to secure the commission.

During the planning phase, sophisticated simulation software was employed to discover the optimal sound reinforcement solution. This turned out to comprise of 52 full-range enclosures from Electro-Voice’s EVH series to provide homogeneous coverage of the seating areas – the horns of half of these EVH-1152 cabinets have a 90° x 40°, and the rest a 90° x 60°, dispersion pattern; an N8000 digital matrix, which is responsible for the supervision and control of the installation; and 18 Electro-Voice CPS 4.10 power amplifiers equipped with RCM-810 remote control modules. These 4 x 1,000 Watts amplifiers employ a patented technology known as Variable Load Drive. This enables the power amplifier to always deliver full power at variable loads.

With this installation, Başakşehir Stadium becomes the latest in a long line of top international arenas now equipped with EVH enclosures from Electro-Voice’s EV Innovation series.

Konuralp advised:

Başakşehir’s directors are extremely enthused by the performance of the system. Announcements are clearly intelligible and the reproduction of recorded music is powerful, with sound quality that is first class. For a Turkish stadium, this is something new.

Konuralp firmly expects the Başakşehir installation to become a reference point in the region, with the horn-loaded, weatherproof versions of these coaxial loudspeakers – fruits of the model diversity of the EV Innovation series – meeting particularly well with the sound reinforcement needs of stadium planners.

The sound reinforcement design divides the Başakşehir Stadium into eight separate zones. All the power amplifier channels and loudspeakers are monitored and controlled by means of the graphic user interface provided by Iris-Net software running on a single PC, as Konuralp explained:

This is convenient, quick and reliable. Furthermore, our customer is delighted with the sound performance, quality and wealth of options provided by the system.

The offices, passages and turnstile areas in the Başakşehir Stadium are served by 80 EVID 6.2T loudspeakers, also from Electro-Voice. Additionally, a Bosch Praesideo digital public address and emergency voice evacuation system is connected to over 800 ceiling loudspeakers, as well as to a Bosch Plena Matrix digital sound system, with 50 cabinet loudspeakers. Three Bosch fire alarm systems – with nearly 950 smoke detectors and 160 fire remote indicators – along with a CCTV system featuring around 200 Bosch cameras, in addition to two Bosch access control systems, round off the installation.