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Court ruling supports new San Diego stadium

Having lost their NFL team to Los Angeles because their stadium was seen as outdated, the city of San Diego has received a court boost in its hopes to build a new one.

NBC Sports reports that California’s Supreme Court has ruled that a “citizens’ initiative” to raise taxes requires only a simply majority of votes at the ballot box, and not a two-thirds supermajority.

That still does not mean that the Chargers – formerly of San Diego – would have prevailed in their effort to secure public funding for a new stadium because only 43.64% approved the measure last year, at a time when the threshold was believed to be 66.7 percent.

However the report says it does mean that, if enough people there regret the departure of the Chargers, enough could get behind a citizens’ initiative aimed at funding a stadium that would bring another franchise to the southwestern city.

(Picture shows San Diego Charger’s old home, Qualcomm Stadium)