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Crystal clear with TW AUDiO’s new loudspeakers

These days sports venue owners and operators are under increasing pressure to maximise revenue from all parts of their venue, whilst ensuring the best possible onsite experience to build up a loyal base of regular attendees.

TW AUDiO’s new ELegant Line Array series: ELLA is a perfect example of a loudspeaker manufacturer offering an innovative way to achieve both of those aims.

It’s size and innovative design offers high-quality crystal-clear audio which lends itself perfectly to the following parts of Stadium or multi-purpose arena:

  • Executive Boxes/Suites – Turn these into compelling and attractive destinations unlocking a range of additional revenue opportunities for your sponsors and key clients on match days. The high-quality speech reinforcement also lends itself perfectly to a vast array of non-match day revenue possibilities for everything from business meetings through to parties and small bespoke VIP gatherings.
  • Conference Rooms – Maximise your non-match day revenue throughout the year by using ELLA to transform your meeting areas into highly sought after event spaces.
  • Fan Zones and Visitor Attractions – Create memorable onsite experiences throughout your venue through ELLA’s incredible audio performance to ensure unrivalled fan experiences even before the match begins!
  • VIP Areas – In terms of appearance, sound and flexibility ELLA stands out from the crowd, just like your key guests like to do. Give them an unparalleled audio experience to reflect the highest quality service that you offer onsite.

The Technical Bit – The custom designed high performance 6.5”driver delivers stunningly controlled low-mid frequencies. The in-house scientifically developed waveguide with five 1” soft dome tweeters form the high-frequency complement in a compact enclosure at only 20x20cm (7.9”x/7.9”) weighing just 5.5kg (12.1 lbs). Th HR unit reproduces outstanding, smooth and clear high frequency detail up to 20kHz with minimum distortion, even at very high sound pressure levels.

ELLA utilises special venting at the rear of the enclosure with acoustic material interacting to tailor the dispersion pattern. The result is true cardioid directivity, drastically reducing the sound emission behind the speaker. The advantages are more gain before feedback and better sound quality in difficult acoustic environments.

Gaby van der Blom, marketing manager at TW AUDiO, said:

We’ve already had a fantastic feedback from the systems integrators and project teams that we often work with on stadia projects and they are really excited about the sheer range of possibilities that ELLA offers all types of sports venues.