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Daktronics light up Phoenix Suns Arena

Daktronics has partnered with the Phoenix Suns to manufacture and install an 18-display LED super system at the NBA’s team’s revamped arena.

Totalling 55.1 million LEDs, the set-up includes a new centre-hung configuration as well as lobby, ribbon, tunnel, scorer’s table and locker room displays.

The installation was completed in 2020 and is in use as basketball is played at Phoenix Suns Arena in Arizona.

Phoenix Suns president & CEO Jason Rowley said:

A renowned leader in digital displays, Daktronics has been instrumental in the significant transformation at the reimagined Phoenix Suns Arena.

When we welcome fans back to the home of the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury, they’ll be surrounded by remarkable technology that will truly elevate the fan experience at every turn.

The centre-hung, which is six times larger than its predecessor, features four LED video displays, two facing the sidelines and two facing the ends of the arena.

The sideline-facing displays each measure 25ft high by 33ft wide and the end-facing displays each measure 25ft high by 29.5ft wide. All four feature 5.9-millimeter pixel spacing to bring crisp, clear imagery to fans in every seat of the arena.

The entire centre-hung features 3,100ft2 and it would take 292 60-inch televisions to cover the entire centre-hung’s digital footprint.

Daktronics president and CEO Reece Kurtenbach said:

The fan experience at live events remains a crucial element for professional sports teams,” said. This LED installation for Phoenix Suns Arena will bring fans a next-level experience and we’re excited to be a part of the reimagination of their arena.

Phoenix Suns Concourse 2021

Two custom-shaped lobby displays combine for more than 6,700ft2 of digital space to welcome fans into the arena. One display measures approximately 26ft high by 202ft long and the other measures approximately 26ft high by 113ft long. The height of each display fluctuates as they curve and wind their way into the main seating bowl. Both displays feature 3.9-millimeter pixel spacing to provide high-resolution imagery at close viewing distances. Kurtenbach added:

The Suns are catering to their fans in multiple locations outside of the main seating bowl as evidenced by their two new lobby displays. As the fan experience spills out into the concourses and other gathering areas in event venues, adding technology to connect with audiences in those areas has become increasingly important to team and sponsor branding. This installation will be a great example of improving opportunities to connect with people in those areas.

Additionally, two ribbon displays are installed along the seating fascia totaling nearly 1,900ft in length and six tunnel displays are installed above entrances to the seating bowl. Courtside, three LED scorer’s tables were also installed. These displays allow the opportunity to highlight sponsors throughout events while providing supplement information and graphics to the centre-hung displays.

The centre-hung displays are capable of variable content zoning allowing each to share one large image or they can each be divided into multiple zones to show any variety of content including live video, instant replays, up-to-the-minute statistics and game information, graphics and animations, and sponsorship messages.

The Suns’ locker room and training facility each feature a display with 1.5-millimeter pixel spacing. These displays can be used to show replays of the action and to help with preparation for the game and the Suns’ current or upcoming opponent.

Daktronics also included its powerful Show Control solution with this installation. This industry-leading system provides a combination of display control software, world-class video processing, data integration and playback hardware that forms a user-friendly production solution.

Photo Credit: Christy Radecic