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Emirates Old Trafford powered by Humanforce

As a multipurpose venue, Emirates Old Trafford, hosts multiple wide ranging events every year.

These can range from both international and domestic cricket games, music concerts and hospitality events, as well as a very busy conference schedule.

Home to Lancashire County Cricket Club (LCCC), the venue can require over 300 additional staff to operate a major event with multiple skills and qualifications required to be managed to ensure a high level of service as well as a safe event.

Added to this is wider venue demands from conferencing and the recently opened Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, which has increased the complexities of managing staff across multiple venue cost centres, skills and pay rates.

The Hilton Garden Inn Hotel opened in August 2017 and has been an outstanding success, but it has also driven the need to manage the entire workforce in one system, including the clear and efficient use of external agency workers to cover peak event days.

To do all this quickly and efficiently, the Club’s HR team searched for the right solution that could cover all these complex requirements.

After looking at multiple systems, Humanforce was selected and installed for the 2017 summer season.

Alex Bullough, staffing manager at LCCC said:

We had been running manual systems for years and implemented Humanforce to better manage our flexible workforce and overall labour planning requirements. When hosting a cricket match to a concert, the operational and staffing requirements are very different and we needed a system that was flexible enough to meet our multi-purpose venue.

Humanforce makes it easy for our staff to update their availability, view their shifts and bid for available shifts – all online or through their mobile phones. It has definitely saved us significant hours in admin time, whilst ensuring that we always have qualified and certified staff working alongside a flexible pool of staff, which we can see at any time to back them up.

We also found on event day, the introduction of wrist bands and biometric validation has provided us a faster check in process and a much more secure venue, whilst saving huge amounts of admin time on the day when everyone is already under pressure.