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England Hockey seeks tenders for temporary seating

England Hockey is hosting a new and exciting profile of major events in the period 2015-2018 at its new Olympic Legacy facility, the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre (LVHTC) on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

England Hockey is seeking a provider of temporary seats that will not only service these major events effectively from an operational perspective but commit to work in partnership to grow the fan base over this four year period.

After their successful and groundbreaking bid submission to the International Hockey Federation, England Hockey has been awarded the hosting rights to three world level events over a three year period, culminating in the Women’s World Cup in 2018. In addition, England Hockey previously secured the rights to host the EuroHockey Championships in August 2015. The major events portfolio is outlined below:

• EuroHockey Championships, 21-30 August 2015

• Women’s Champions Trophy, 18-26 June 2016

• Men’s World League Semi-Final, 12-23 July 2017

• Women’s World Cup, 7-21 July 2018

As a result of this profile of events, England Hockey is seeking to raise the capacity of LVHTC from the existing 3,000 seats with the addition of temporary seats up to a maximum capacity of circa 12,000. This has led to the release of this Invitation to Tender and this exciting opportunity to work with England Hockey.

To download the Invitation to Tender, go to: The latest date for bid submissions is 15 September, with a LVHTC site visit opportunity of 8 September.

If you have any questions regarding the Invitation to Tender, email: