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ES Global wins bid to deliver Jakarta Velodrome

ES Global has confirmed that they have been successful in winning the bid to deliver the Jakarta Velodrome for the 2018 Asian Games.

ES Global are leading the Design & Build team that is comprised of Australian-based sports architecture specialists Cox Architecture, globally-positioned engineers Mott MacDonald, local construction giant Wika and local architects BKM.

The detailed design and planning process’ started this week with a series of stakeholder workshops held in Jakarta. The Velodrome will be completed in June 2018, in readiness for its hosting duties during the 2018 Asian Games, which will be held in August 2018.

Demolition works are complete and the construction work for the new venue will start in just under 6 months time. The overall programme period is 24 months and the project has a budget of approximately US$40m.

The Velodrome will comply with the highest international cycling federation standards, be a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for cycling in Asia, while being
a very cost-effective solution. As a comparison and to give a context, the period for the programme is 30% shorter than a typical Velodrome project and about 25% of the cost.

A representative for ES Global confirmed:

ES Global are honoured to have been awarded this contract and are very excited to be supporting the Jakarta Games, in collaboration with our client and our world-class team.

On behalf of ES Global and team, we would like to thank the city of Jakarta for trusting us to deliver this flagship project.


Images courtesy: Cox Architecture

THUMB11285_517508 - Jakarta Velodrome - COX

Project stats:

ES Global is leading the Design & Build team that is comprised of Cox Architecture, Mott MacDonald, BKM and Wika, which will deliver the 3,000-capacity Velodrome.

To ensure the quick construction time, a modular structure will be used and readily available materials chosen.

The Velodrome will have a membrane roof allowing natural daylight into the building and making the venue ‘glow’ in the evenings.

Indonesia won the right to host the 2018 Asian Games in October 2014, after Vietnam withdrew due to the high cost of staging the event, and tournament planners have come to view the partial prefabrication of facilities as a way to make sure construction is completed on time.

Post-event, the Velodrome will be converted to a multi-use venue, capable of hosting multiple sporting and non-sporting events.

In a statement, Cox Architecture’s Director for Sports, Alastair Richardson said:

The spiralling costs of hosting major events such as the Asian Games and the Olympics are leading to the search for affordable design and construction solutions for the venues.

The design of cost-effective solutions utilising pre-manufactured and off-the-shelf temporary structural solutions will be an important part of providing a sustainable legacy for major events and the cities which host them.


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