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PanStadia & Arena Management magazine has launched a special digital supplement on Esports Venues & Events – key factors driving venue design, technology and event production

Esports is the fastest growing live entertainment sector in the world and hospitality and commercial spaces (from large venues and purpose-built city centre entertainment ‘hubs’ to leisure centres and bars) can capitalise on this as an additional revenue generator as the lockdown restrictions start to ease.

Officially supported by Esports Venue Summit, and published with PanStadia & Arena Management (PS&AM) Q2 2020 magazine, your new Esports Venues & Events supplement features a host of inspiring articles to help your venue and event spaces survive and thrive following the coronavirus pandemic.

Esports Venue Summit taking place live at Twickenham Stadium from 21-22 October (and virtually from 26-29 October) will inform and inspire those already active in esports and those working in the venue industry (whether in sport, entertainment, leisure, hospitality, development, etc) about the multitude of opportunities in esports.

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Another chance to contribute

An updated version of the Esports Venues & Events supplement will be posted online to coincide with the PS&AM Q3 2020 edition, alongside the Esports Venue Summit official event guide. So we’d love to hear from you about:

  • Key design features for bespoke esports venues
  • Current approaches to esports venue design
  • Your own design ideas for esports venues
  • The use of technology for the ultimate fan experience
  • Key takeaways from your live esports events
  • Common mistakes in running esports events
  • How can esports adapt to the new normal after coronavirus

Please email the editor, John Sheehan, with a synopsis of your ideas for FREE inclusion* in PanStadia & Arena Management magazine’s SECOND Esports Venues & Events digital supplement at by Friday 21st August 2020.

To book advertising, please contact Sam Wibrew on +44 (0)20 8133 7678 or email Booking deadline is 4 September 2020.

* publication is at the discretion of the editor who also reserves the right to edit articles as required

Esports Venue Summit

Europe’s ONLY forum dedicated solely to esports venues will help shape the future of esports hosting, venue design, technology & operations – 21-22 Oct 2020 at the home of England Rugby, Twickenham Stadium, London, UK.
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