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FC Aktobe unveils plans for new 32,000-capacity stadium




Kazakh football club FC Aktobe has “unveiled plans to build a new stadium with a seating capacity of 32,000”, according to Jaroslaw Adamowski of Inside World Football.

Adamowski’s piece outlines how the Club advised the the new sports facility’s construction will receive government funding as part of it’s efforts to promote football in the country.

Should the new venue go ahead, it will replace the existing 13,500-seat Aktobe Central Stadium, which is the city’s main football arena and home ground to FC Aktobe. It was constructed in 1975, with the last reconstruction taking place in 2000, when plastic seating and an LED board were installed. In 2005, following the replacement of the stadium’s heating, water supply and sewage systems, the stadium met all UEFA standards.

Speaking about the new stadium plans, Archimed Muhambetov from the regional authorities of the Aktobe province, told Adamowski:

We are developing a design and feasibility study. Our objective is to build a stadium for 32,000 spectators… built in compliance with UEFA category four standards.

According to Muhambetov, the Club aims to finalise works on the design of the new sports facility in 2015 and “launch the construction of the stadium in 2016”.

Set up in 1967, FC Aktobe is based in the city of Aktobe, in the country’s western part. The Club currently plays in the top tier of Kazakhstan’s professional football league, the Kazakh Premier League. FC Aktobe won the country’s championship in 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2013.


Source: Inside World Football & UEFA