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FC Nantes – a tale of two stadia

FC Nantes have been given the green light to build a new 40,000 capacity football stadium in the French city.

But their existing 35-seater Stade de la Beaujoire will not be demolished, meaning two stadia would stand side by side.

President of the Nantes region Johanna Rolland ruled last week that the new YelloPark Stadium, designed by Atelier Tom Sheehan & Partenaires (ATSP) and HKS could be built.

However, she also ruled that a new residential, health and office development planned for Yellowpark would not get the go-ahead and the old stadium should remain in-situ to be used for other sports.

One possible tenant is Nantes rugby club, but this is a third tier rugby union team that currently attracts crowds of just 1,500.

A decision on how to proceed is expected to be taken by local officials on December 7.

The proposed new stadium includes a fixed and a retractable roof to improve comfort and optimise the carbon footprint.

The roof is composed of two parts: a fixed 25,500m2 roof and a retractable central 12,000m2 oculus.

The new stadium will also benefit from:

40,000 seats

125m diameter oculus

37m of free height above pitch

10 main entrances

1 giant 360° screen

a 1,000m2 museum

7,000 Kop seats in the same area

150 media seats

150 conference room seats

600m2 shop

25,500m2 fixed roof

12,000m2 retractable roof

©Photo credit: HKS/ATSP