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First velodrome to be built in Luxembourg

Mecanoo and Metaform, Netherlands and Luxembourg based architecture offices, have won a competition to design a new velodrome and sports complex in Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg.

The velodrome, multi-sports and swimming pool complex project is inspired by its surroundings, a subtly undulating topography.

The main challenge was to integrate all three functions under one roof, while paying respect to the context and at the same time to create the architectural landmark for the city of Mondorf-les-Bains.

The idea behind the positioning of the building base and the adjacent functions ‘underground’ as much as possible results in maximum optimisation of built surfaces and reduction of the lateral facades.

This has a significant impact on enabling the design to remain on target in terms of budget, it allows for minimisation of the use of materials, optimises the operational energy costs, and finally improves the energy performance of the building.

The project is therefore very compact, but it does not exclude generous and welcoming spaces.

The main entrance is accessible by foot, as an extension of the central square, which connects the parking lot, the future school complex and the sports centre.

Access to the three main functions (velodrome, swimming pool, and the multi-sports hall) and their cafeterias is intuitive and natural.

The simple and clean geometry allows visitors, athletes, students, and employees to orientate quickly and easily.

Images courtesy Mecanoo.