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Football academies conference to debut in Spain

A conference in Madrid this week is set to highlight the latest technology available to help support the smart management of football academies.

One of a football club’s most valuable and strategic assets is their football academy. This area of a club not only represents its values and history, but can also be the keystone for sustainable results club-wide.

Many have successfully managed football academies for years in regions where sports governance has a strong focus on children, but in other places there has been a deficit of best practices and productivity-increasing tools.

With the globalisation of the football industry, awareness of the importance of football academies has increased and become a top concern, right up there with fan experience in stadiums and television rights.

But football clubs have traditionally followed classic, procedure-focused manuals that are often misaligned with real life experiences.

Results have often failed to meet expectations, and academy opportunities have failed to materialise. Management of academies has become complex as data-driven decisions become imperative.

Spain is leading the management revolution by using technology in training centres.

It is no secret that the football talent attracted by this region is unparalleled.

In the last few years we have enjoyed a renewed international focus on the football academies of Spain, underscoring the fact that fundamental tactics employed by our teams are working properly.

Clubs around the world are starting to get interested in the infrastructure and technological needs to replicate the Spanish experience.

To this end, Director11 is hosting a conference in Spain, to introduce the latest technology available to support the smart management of football academies.

“Technology and Academies” will take place in Madrid on March 23, 2017, with more than 60 training centre directors, specialists, and technology providers in attendance. Five LaLiga clubs will present on their current experiences and future expectations.

“Technology and Academies” is supported by INsports Europe, the innovation lab agency based in Barcelona. It promises to be a unique opportunity for football clubs to share and discuss the impact that technology can have on data-backed academy management.

If you are interested in participating as a club or as a technology solution provider, please contact