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Friends Arena replaces pitch

Friends Arena and tenant team AIK have decided to replace the pitch for the match against Sunderland next week. Grounds Manager Robert Limpar said:

Right now the grass on the pitch is in the same state as a pitch usually is at this time of year. But we have a high level of ambition with regard to the grass and want it to be in tip-top condition, regardless of season.

The low temparature well into April has hampered the growing process. Too much cold air has entered the arena, which means that the grass did not receive proper oxygenation. In addition, the full delivery of light rigs for the artificial lighting has been delayed. All light rigs will be in place shortly.

Thomas Edselius, CEO at AIK Fotboll. added:

This is a decision that feels very good. Now that we have an arena in tip-top condition, it is clear that we must have a pitch of the top class.