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Further improvements for Arrowhead Stadium

The NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs are looking to make further improvements to Arrowhead Stadium to help improve the game-day experience.

A year after the Chiefs completed $12 million in renovations, which included the installation of brand-new seats in the upper deck and updating the technology within the west scoreboard, the stadium is scheduled to undergo additional renovations this offseason.

The first major update will be the installation of new seats in the lower bowl. The seats – which will be red – are identical to those placed in the upper deck last offseason.

Additionally, the section of seats located in the upper bowl behind the east end zone – which were not replaced last year – will be outfitted with new seats in the coming weeks.

The scoreboard hovering over those seats on the east end of the stadium is set to receive an update, as well.

The scoreboard will be renovated with the same state-of-the-art updates that were applied to the west scoreboard last year, including upgraded resolution and HDR technology, providing both ends of the stadium with a crystal-clear look at live action and highlights.

The Chiefs’ locker room will receive a major facelift in the coming months. Among the scheduled upgrades are brand-new lockers, a ceiling logo in the centre of the room, a Gatorade bar, accent lighting and new carpeting in order to provide the players with the best area possible as they prepare for kick-off.

The Athletic Training area will also be re-done as part of the project.

The main concourse is set to receive a few renovations as well, with four open-air field box suites set to become fully enclosed boxes ahead of next season.

Finally, the Sports Lab, which hosted more than 20,000 students on educational field trips in 2019 and has welcomed 165,000 students through its doors since 2010, will be renovated later this offseason in partnership with GEHA.

Image courtesy of the Kansas City Chiefs