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Glasgow 2014 tenders

Glasgow 2014 has issued a tender for an Incident Management System Provider. Suppliers must apply by 22 March. Glasgow 2014 specifies a “simple and flexible Incident Management System (IMS) to support pre-Games, Games time and post-Games communications strategy between the independent venue structures and the central support structures (GOC, TOC).”

The deadline for the provision of Waste Services at Commonwealth Games Venues and Village is 18 February.

Glasgow 2014 Head of Procurement, David Brown, said:

There is a diverse range of procurement opportunities for businesses of all sizes coming up as we progress to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. In the run up to the Games, during the Games themselves and indeed after there will be all sorts of service contract opportunities from hospitality through transport to cleaning services to name but a few.

Glasgow has just made the final shortlist to host the 2018 Youth Olympic Games.