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Gold Medal draws aside the curtain

Gold Medal has issued a new campaign to concession businesses, emphasising the company’s equipment and supply innovations which “start with the simple goal to taste good and build businesses”. The teaser seen by PSAM said:

Coming in 2014, Gold Medal will debut a revolutionary fun food advancement that will put a new spin on your concession profits.

The release from the company went on:

For more than 80 years, Gold Medal has focused on fun and good taste, bringing mouth-watering concession classics and scrumptious alternatives to the public. When making any decisions, the motto is, ‘how will this impact our customers?’ If it can’t be answered in a positive manner, then more thought needs to go into the idea.

Responding to customers’ desires for new flavours and staying ahead of consumer trends is just one of the reasons why 1 of only the 1,500 worldwide Certified Food Scientists helps Gold Medal create worldwide taste sensations like the groundbreaking Flavacol RS. People asked for ‘Heartfelt Popcorn Seasoning’, which prompted the creation of one with 30% less sodium.