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IAVM and ALSD form alliance

The International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) and the Association of Luxury Suite Directors (ALSD) have formed an association alliance. IAVM President and CEO Vicki Hawarden said:

IAVM sees this relationship as a truly valuable asset to our members. IAVM will be able to tap into ALSD’s substantial expertise in sales, marketing and customer service – gaining valuable insight into best practices and current trends being developed inside the very competitive premium seating market. These practices can translate across an entire venue and help our managers strengthen the venue industry as a whole. We are all in the same business, delivering exceptional events and experiences to our attendees.

As part of the alliance, the two organizations will cross-market educational programs, networking events and other benefits developed for their memberships. The alliance will encourage cross-participation at live programmes and access to digital resources.

Chairman Bill Dorsey of ALSD remarked:

The ALSD is very excited to partner with an established association such as IAVM who has similar interests in the industry. The sum of the parts will be greater than the whole. The venue marketplace is changing. Those who attend sports and entertainment events in venues, even mid-market venues, are now expecting high levels of service, high levels of finish, high levels of food and beverage. Clients are not just purchasing a seat any longer and venues need to realize the evolving fan demand. The ALSD specializes in the operations and sale of team’s premium seating which now can constitute nearly 20% of total seats and in professional markets, nearly 50% of ticket revenues.