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Innovation Institute for fan experience launches

Dr. Lou Marciani, a worldwide authority on fan safety, security, health, and fan experience for sports and entertainment, has launched the Innovation Institute for Fan Experience (IIFX).  

The Innovation Institute is well on its way to building the largest global alliance to lead a world of sports and entertainment that has been forever changed and informed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Innovation Institute was in the planning stages prior to the pandemic, but the associated and urgent needs of the industry expedited the launch timeline.

A first-of-its-kind organisation, the Innovation Institute will provide “next-level” direction for industries that fans want back to normal and whose very existence depends on how well they can safely gather fans.

It is the world’s first organisation for safety, security, health and fan experience.

Marciani has been on the front lines of the Covid-19-related safety, security and health issues facing sports and entertainment since March as co-chair of the “Return to Work, Play and Spectate Task Force for Post-COVID-19 Sports and Entertainment Safety and Security” — a pre-eminent group writing essential guidelines as sports and entertainment move forward together.

Powering the Institute’s early momentum is an international network of industry experts that Marciani has built over his career and in particular through his association with Interpol’s Project STADIA programme.

The institute’s list of Alliance Affiliates and Founding Distinguished Fellows represents sports management, public safety, crowd management, incident management, event operations, technology, and human capital development who offer real insight into current and emerging risks at sports and entertainment events.

Rick Fenton, vice-president/CSO of corporate security for Ilitch Holdings and a Founding Distinguished Innovation Institute Fellow said:

While the pandemic will eventually pass, the world has been awakened to the reality that the way we do business can change overnight. In an industry that depends on the very idea of gathering people together, we must be ready for anything, and the Innovation Institute will be that resource we can all look to for next-level guidance.

The essence of the organisation is best summarised in its vision and mission.

Innovation Institute Vision

To be the leading and most trusted global authority on providing safety, security and fan experience for sports and entertainment.

Innovation Institute Mission

To build and support a global alliance of thought leaders and stakeholders centered around safety, security, and the services that contribute to the ideal fan experience while being the world’s resource for the most relevant and up-to-date information in the field.

The Innovation Institute, with offices in the USA, UK, and Canada, is a member-funded and member-informed organisation. Among the many membership benefits are access to an International Resource Library, town halls, roundtables and forums hosted by experts. Also in the works are international expos and conferences focused on the latest issues in the industry. The Institute also offer training and consulting to keep organisations ready to handle the latest challenges.

Visit here for more on membership and the option to join. Marciani said:

We intend to lead the NEXT great leap in fan experience centered around health, safety, security, and service. There is no doubt in my mind that our growing membership will collaborate and innovate new ways to make the world’s sports and entertainment fan experience the best that it can be, now and in the future.