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International Design Competition opens for new baseball stadium & training facility

The Taiwanese city of Tainan offers a climate capable of hosting baseball games, training and teaching all year round. However, to date, there are no composite baseball fields suitable for diversified use in Tainan, therefore the City’s government is planning to build an international standard baseball stadium, featuring adminstrative and TV broadcasting facilities.

The centrepiece of the ‘Tainan Asia-Pacific International Baseball Stadiums and Training Centres‘ project, will be the new 25,000-capacity baseball stadium.

The Tainan City Government has only recently launched an Open International Design Contest for the baseball stadium and training complex, located in the city’s coastal Annan District. A second ‘deputy’ stadium and two little league arenas will also be delivered on the 30-hectare site, which is opposite the National Museum of Taiwan History. Other planned facilities include a gym, training pitches, dressing areas and public spaces.

Located in southern Taiwan, Tainan is already home to the Uni-President Lions baseball team and is also the birthplace of several of the country’s most famous baseball players.

According to the Brief:

The city’s baseball participants and fans are growing up to hundreds of thousands, and it apparently has become the baseball development centre of Taiwan.

The project aims to provide one of the best baseball training centres and venues for international competitions for the professional, national and amateur baseball teams.

Judges include duty mayor of Tainan City Government, Tseng Shu-cheng, and Populous founder Rod Sheard.

The overall winner – set to be announced on 28 January – will receive priority in discussions over the project’s design and build contract.

A second place prize of £30,000, third place prize worth £20,000, and two further £16,000 prizes will also be awarded.

The deadline for applications is 9am local time on 15 January.

For the full project details, go to:


Project Sponsor: Department of Sports, Tainan City Government 
Project Organiser:Bureau of Public Works, Tainan City Government
Co-organizer:Taiwan Engineering Consultants Group / Transcend Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd.


Schedule of Design Competition

Announcement of Tender Documents: 2015/10/21
Submission Deadline of Tender Documents: 2016/01/15 – by 9:00am
Reveal of Qualified Tenderers: 2016/01/15 – by 9:30am
Tenderers Evaluation Date: 2016/01/26 ~ 2016/01/27
Announcement of Awarding Tenderers: 2016/01/28


Image credits: ‘Downtown Tainan’ by Mersh

Source: The Architects Journal