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Introducing the world’s first Motorsports Stadium: The new Daytona International Speedway

The new Daytona International Speedway is complete and ready for this weekend’s Daytona 500®! 

Daytona International Speedway (DIS) is the home of “The Great American Race” — the DAYTONA 500®. More than 100,000 fans attend the season-opening NASCAR Sprint Cup each year.

Detroit-based architects and planners with a global focus on sports and entertainment, ROSSETTI, partnered with the International Speedway Corporation, the owners of DIS, to strategically create a new value proposition for the venue. The result was DAYTONA Rising, the USD$400m reimagining of DIS into the first Motorsports Stadium.


Images courtesy: ROSSETTI


The Speedway has been an iconic venue for 50 years, but had not received significant enhancements since it opened. ROSSETTI was challenged to blend the modern amenities of what today’s sports fans demand with the heritage that NASCAR fans expect from the Speedway. In addition, the Speedway was missing opportunities to work with its corporate partners. ROSSETTI started with the vision of ‘what a race experience can be’ for the next five decades. The incredible scale of the 500-acre Speedway complex also drove many of the strategic design decisions. The stadium itself is nearly a mile long. Every stadium in Florida can fit inside its oval track.

International Speedway Corporation and ROSSETTI partnered through immersive Discovery Workshops, extensive design ideation, studies of other NASCAR tracks and research of NASCAR fans. ROSSETTI also studied the historic context of racing on the beach and the conceptual elements of NASCAR racing that led to the Design Parti: Machine on the beach.

Design Parti


The Game Changers

  1. Fan Injectors: Sense of place, fuel the experience, brand immersion
  2. Neighbourhoods: Social spaces, concessions, amenities
  3. Exterior Skin: Physical manifestation of the machine
  4. Hospitality: Trackside premium experience, Trioval Club, flexible configuration
  5. Corporate Value Proposition: Activate sponsorship with fan/brand engagement


ROSSETTI’s innovative design transformed Daytona International Speedway into the first Motorsports Stadium.

The corporate value proposition is a new model for corporate sponsorship and immersive brand activation.



The Daytona Rising/new Daytona International Speedway will be one of the Venues in Focus for our forthcoming Q1 (formerly Spring) edition of PanStadia & Arena Management magazine.