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KAA Gent taps RSI for pitch technology

Belgian football club KAA Gent has embraced RSI technology to maintain its position as the most innovative sports venue in the Belgian football league.

The club will install a third generation hybrid pitch and is planning to implement RSI’s cutting edge LED based grass growing technology and UVC equipment to support and maintain all its fields pesticide free.

RSI Sports and KAA Gent have agreed to roll out these new technologies from summer this year for use on all its fields.

The stadium field will be reconstructed with the new RSI Hybrigrass hybrid system.

As the backing of a hybrid field usually works as an insulator, this third generation hybrid system has been designed to facilitate the natural vertical flow of moisture and heat in the top layer of the field. The very open design will prevent the grassroots from overheating.

The growing and recuperation conditions for the field will be guaranteed by using Rhenac Sports LED grass grow technology.

Its ability to deliver the Complete Light Spectrum (CLS) means that the grass will always receive the exact colour blue light that will increase the sward density and enhance root growth, or the red colour that will stimulate the germination of grass seeds and the increase of its biomass.

RSI Sports will also introduce the UV-C grass care technology to maintain the perfect condition of the field without the need for pesticides.

Image courtesy of RSI Sports