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Kawasaki reveals stadium redevelopment plans

The Japanese City of Kawasaki has amended plans to revamp the municipal facilities in the Todoroki Green Area, including a surprising proposal to redevelop the Todoroki Athletic Stadium into a purpose-built football stadium.

The long-anticipated redevelopment of the Todoroki Athletic Stadium, home to the reigning J-League Division 1 (J1) champions Kawasaki Frontale, had previously been seen by many fans and supporters of the club, as well as the Kawasaki residents, as a mission impossible.

This was because city officials had maintained that the city required an athletic stadium of high enough quality to host international athletic events and that there was no other place to build a new football stadium.

The proposal announced by the city includes removal of the athletic tracks altogether, and redevelopment of the back stand and two side stands behind the goals to increase the overall capacity of the stadium from 27,000 to 35,000.

The city will invite residents to submit their feedback to the plan from 1 June to 30 June and finalise the plan before 31 March 2022.

The city has also prosed to redevelop the secondary athletic field within the same Green Area into a modernised athletic stadium but it has also confirmed that the redeveloped facility will not meet the standards required to host international events.

The Japan Sports Agency, which promotes stadium and arena innovations, welcomed Kawasaki’s proposal and released a statement, saying:

We expect this stadium redevelopment plan, capitalising on the many potentials that the surrounding environment of the Todoroki area offers, could promote the regional economy to grow sustainably with the new football stadium acting as the core driving force.

A spokesperson for Kawasaki Frontale, who have won three league titles in the last four years, welcomed the city’s proposal, and told the sports news site Sports Hochi:

Although what’s on the table at the moment is still an early draft proposal, we really appreciate how the things are developing. Our fans have been struggling to buy tickets as most matches sell out quickly but an increase in the capacity means more fans will have a chance to attend matches. Our goal is to play in a stadium that is welcoming and open to all Kawasaki residents so we hope the new redeveloped stadium will attract many people and provide diverse range of funs to both the local residents and visitors to Kawasaki.

Image: City of Kawasaki

Article provided by The Stadium Hub