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New solution for keeping pedestrian areas ice-free

Alan Sheen of Spur Enterprises and Charles Robertson of Winter Service Solutions have combined their long experience working within the UK’s Winter Service Industry to develop more cost effective solutions for keeping walk-ups, carparks and external concourse pedestrian areas ice free, even under the most challenging weather conditions.

If they are treated, traditional de-icing methods using solid salt have been used, often after the snow or ice event. Salt particles are slow to act and often ineffective as the salt is slow to form a brine with little or no vehicle traffic to crush it. It is also wasteful as excessive amounts of salt are often hand applied, harming plants, corroding infrastructure and dragging brown residue into shops and offices.

PATHWAY KA is a chloride free, inhibited potassium acetate solution, based on established airport technology. It is designed to be applied using a mobile spray as an anti-icer before freezing to prevent snow or ice bonding to the pavement. Working closely with industry partners, such as Vale Engineering of York, these companies offer a comprehensive range of trailed or vehicle mounted sprayers which offer accurate dosage to all of the desired area. For smaller pedestrian areas backpack sprayers as employed such as used for summer weed killing operations.

PATHWAY KA is effective to below -25 deg C and by lowering the freezing point further reduces the number of freeze thaw cycles so reducing asphalt or concrete damage. PATHWAY KA does not evaporate and so can provide extended protection against ice formation.

Being non-corrosive PATHWAY KA can also be used on temperature and corrosion sensitive bridge decks and car parks to prevent ice formation.

PATHWAY KA is available in bulk, 1000 litre IBCs or 20 litre packs.