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Khalifa Stadium victim died after fall from platform

A British man who was died while working on the Khalifa Stadium project in Qatar, fell from a suspended catwalk platform.

The 40-year-old fell when the platform, used to manage sound and lighting, collapsed at the Khalifa International Stadium on Thursday.

The Midmac-Six Construct joint venture is the main contractor on the Khalifa Stadium. It said the subcontractor was fatally injured when a supporting lever hoist failed. The JV said in a statement:

The fatal accident took place while the worker was on a suspended catwalk platform designed to manage technical functions relating to sound and light installations.

For unknown reasons one of the lever hoists supporting the platform failed, causing the fall of the worker, who was wearing all his safety equipment, including the safety harness.

Sadly, the harness was cut during the fall with a fatal outcome. What caused the cut is subject to further investigation.

Emergency services and health and safety teams were called immediately to the scene. The statement added:

Our people are working closely with the local authorities as they investigate the circumstances of the accident.

The JV, as main contractor, is collectively responsible for the health and safety of the workers on site at all times.

All parties concerned will carefully review the circumstances of the accident and commit to take any necessary measures that can prevent its recurrence.

All of the partners involved in this project are devastated by such a tragic loss of life and we extend our deepest condolences to the victim’s family, friends and colleagues.