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KSCA ushers in revolutionary technology for Cricket Stadiums

The Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA), after vigorous research and technical evaluation, has decided to install the next-generation subsurface aeration and vacuum-powered drainage system from SubAir (USA), at Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore, making it the first ever installation of SubAir Systems for Cricket Stadiums worldwide.

KSCA Hon. Secretary, Brijesh Patel, said:

KSCA strives to introduce latest technologies in the interest of the game and the fans. Everyone understands that when it rains, it is an act of God…but once it stops raining, it will be inexcusable to delay or cancel a game due to a wet outfield. With this high-tech solution from SubAir, fastest resumption of the game is now possible.

SubAir pic

The SubAir system automatically kicks into action the minute it starts raining, thereby not allowing any build up of water on the outfield. It quickly removes standing water (36 times faster than drainage by gravity) virtually eliminating the need for extended game delays or cancellations due to wet outfield conditions.

The SubAir Sport System will also provide the curators at Chinnaswamy Stadium the ability to promote healthier, stronger and safer turf. With its aeration function that operates round the clock, the system provides an optimal growing environment for the root zone, thereby minimising turf diseases, algae, excessive thatch and black layer.

The aeration function also helps in reducing the surface temperature on the turf, making it more comfortable for the players.

Great Sports Infra, the exclusive licensee of SubAir for Cricket Stadiums worldwide, has been contracted for this project. The scope also includes renovation of the outfield along the lines of USGA standards. This includes a subsurface network of perforated pipes for aeration and drainage, in a closed loop system and connected to the SubAir Sport System.

The combination of this sub-base design and the SubAir system helps optimise the use of water needed for the turf, as well as capture the entire rainwater or any excess irrigation and redirect it completely for rain water harvesting.

SubAir system
Anil Kumar, Managing Director of Great Sports Infra, commented:

We are glad to provide the SubAir aeration and water evacuation technology to KSCA, which will make it the most modern outfield in the Cricketing world. Considering that millions of dollars are at risk when a match gets cancelled due to a wet outfield, KSCA has shown great vision in pioneering the use of this next generation technology. Many other cricket stadiums are now interested in adopting the same for their modernisation plans.


Kevin Crowe, Senior Vice President at SubAir, added:

SubAir has proven itself across various sports like Baseball, Soccer, Rugby, Golf etc. This system is used at some of the best stadiums worldwide and has over 500 installations. It has also been used for the NFL and the 2014 FIFA World Cup (Brazil), and will be in use during the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Currently there is no scientific measurement of actionable data related to salinity, temperature and moisture content. The SubAir system acquires data from all over the field through embedded wireless sensors, and then takes appropriate corrective action keeping the field healthy and in optimal conditions, fostering stronger roots and turf.


About Great Sports Infra (GSI)

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