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Logo unveiled for Rugby World Cup 2023

World Rugby and the France 2023 organising committee have revealed the logo and visual identity for Rugby World Cup 2023.

Unveiled at a special event in Paris to mark one year since the hosting rights were awarded to France, the brand conveys the vision, passion and ambition of a tournament that will inspire and unite a nation, a sport and the globe in rugby and friendship.

The France 2023 logo is a unique blend; different, powerful and modern. The logo resembles an unbreakable bond, which is as infinite as the Möbius ribbon, as strong as a beating heart, which inspires people to connect with each other.

It is a new take on the blue-white-red of the French tricolour flag, a balance between the authenticity and modernity that are characteristic of France.

Today’s announcement represents another major preparation milestone on the road to hosting the tenth Rugby World Cup.

Underscoring the strength of the comprehensive and ground-breaking host selection process, for the first time, key tournament provisions were already secured prior to awarding the 2023 host, including all guarantees and financial provisions, stadia and rights protection obligations.

A total of 10 host cities from Lille in the north to Toulouse in the south will play host to the 20 teams who will compete across the 48 matches that comprise France 2023.