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Lords to expand to 32,000 over 13 years

MCC's masterplan for Lords calls for two phases of construction

MCC’s masterplan for Lords calls for two phases of construction.

MCC has announced a new Masterplan for the development of Lord’s Ground which will take capacity to 32,000. The phased plan will commence with the redevelopment of the Warner Stand in the autumn of 2014 and finish with the reconstruction of the Compton and Edrich Stands in 2027. MCC puts the cost at between £180 million – £200 million.

The first phases of development, totalling £90 million from 2014-2019, will be funded entirely from the Club’s own resources. The remaining phases, from 2021-2027, will be funded through a combination of MCC funds and sensible levels of borrowing.

Colin Maber, the Chairman of MCC’s Ground Working Party (GWP) and Estates committee, said:

The Masterplan has been designed to provide a framework within which Ground development over the next 15 years can be set. The phased approach allows room for flexibility and evolution. Our key principles – on the absolute need to retain the size of both grounds, on keeping Lord’s as a Ground rather than making it a stadium, on the importance of green open spaces, and on enhancing the experience for every visitor – will underpin all we do. It is advanced work in progress, but can be flexed to reflect changing economic circumstances, technology and research.

A priority of the GWP – under the chairmanship of Colin Maber, the architect responsible for the redevelopment of Trent Bridge, working alongside Populous – has been to improve the circulation in the Ground. This will be achieved by incorporating more bar and restaurant facilities within the new stands and the development of subterranean access facilities to reduce service traffic. The plan includes:

  • Rebuilt Warner, Tavern & Allen, Compton and Edrich Stands.
  • The re-siting of the Nursery Ground towards the Wellington Road, over the Club’s leasehold land.
  • A new entrance on Grove End Road which will be the main point of access on non-match days, and will supersede the Grace Gates as the Members’ entrance on match days.
  • Extensions to the Pavilion to reinstate its symmetry and establish more pitch-facing facilities for players and match officials.
  • An increase to the capacity of Lord’s by 2,700 to 32,000.
  • New buildings at the North, East and Grace Gates incorporating banqueting facilities, retail space and offices for MCC and ECB staff.
  • A Food ‘Street’ behind the Compton and Edrich Stands to replace the existing Food Village.
  • Subterranean car-parking, access routes, waste management, catering and storage facilities.
Lords will expand over 13 years of renovation.

Lords will expand over 13 years of renovation.