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Mobile security checkpoint deployed successfully at Donnington Park Raceway

A new mobile security checkpoint was operationally launched at the Zoo Project Festival held over three days at Donnington Park Raceway. Access Risk Control’s (ARC) mobile security checkpoint has applications around venues that need to set up a security cordon for a major event, such as an Olympics, or as part of a concert audience queuing system.

AP Security Manager Chris Holland, following discussion and agreement with ZOO Promoter Oli Bartlam of Full Fat Events, utilised the ARC checkpoint with great success. Holland said:

The ARC mobile system provided us with full audience and baggage screening facilities to airport style, which removed the possibility of weapons, banned items and other illegal objects entering the festival site. We were also able to monitor the campsite areas using a stand-alone ARC CCTV tower fitted with both HD day and night vision fully managed cameras with data capture.

The comprehensive CCTV images were fed back, via secured wifi to the control unit in real time with full auditing capability for evidential gathering. Holland observed that use of the ARC mobile units was simple, quickly positioned and they are fully operating within 45 minutes.

A spokesman for Leicestershire Police, who were in attendance throughout the weekend, said that they were impressed with the ARC unit’s capabilities, operation and the excellent level of quality equipment. He felt such mobility able to attend anywhere, anytime would be an asset in any crowd management situation, saying:

As a soft deterrent we believe they should be introduced across the event market to increase safety and reduce crime. We welcome and recommend the use of such clever user-friendly solutions.

ARC’s Commercial Director Roger Edwards said the company intended rolling out a rental fleet over the coming months to provide major events with a range of solutions that uses current state of the art fully tested and certified equipment. He said:

We are in discussions with major film and TV companies wanting to vet visitors, in addition to the event industry, law enforcement authorities and government agencies around the world.

He added that recent media reporting of drug deaths at festivals highlighted the increasing need to more effectively monitor crowds for their own safety. The Mobile Security Unit won the Innovation Award at The London International Security Expo.