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Mosaic Stadium construction update: one year on from groundbreaking

On the one year anniversary of groundbreaking, construction at the new Mosaic Stadium, the first phase of the Regina Revitalization Initiative, is approximately 44% complete.  

Mayor Michael Fougere said:

This is a tremendous source of pride for our community and we are very pleased with the progress the PCL construction team has made over the last year. There is a lot of activity in each area of the site and it has been incredible to witness how the stadium has taken shape. In another year’s time, we will be close to having a complete stadium.

Development of the west side of the stadium will continue over the summer and begin to mirror what has taken place on the east side. A dramatic change in the north end of the stadium will occur over the next number of weeks, as the construction of the Sask Sport and Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club administration area begins. Later this year the structural steel work for the spectator roof will begin in the southeast corner of the multipurpose facility.

Sean Hamelin, District Manager PCL Construction Management Inc., commented:

We are right where we wanted to be a year out from the groundbreaking. We continue to receive great feedback from all our sidewalk superintendents and appreciate their enthusiasm for the project.

The first image of the interior of the General Admission (GA) Lounge, located on the main concourse level of the west side of the stadium was released. The General Admission lounge features food and beverage service, multiple video screens and will serve as a gateway from Confederation Park and the plaza space to the new Mosaic Stadium.

Fougere added:

This lounge is a unique feature of our stadium. It will be used year round for a number of events. The lounge can be accessed by everyone with a ticket to an event in the new stadium. A lot of thought was given to this area including a clever tribute to our current Mosaic Stadium.

Greg Whittemore, Associate Principal/Project Manager with HKS Sports & Entertainment Group who designed the stadium, commented:

The lounge celebrates the past by reusing the iconic bleachers from the existing Mosaic Stadium. Elements from the bleachers will be used as decorative ceiling elements, column cladding and the façade of the serving bar. This area will exhibit past memorabilia and celebrates the role of the fans in the life, spirit and vitality of the sporting community.

To track the latest construction progress, visit: and and view the stadium camera.

The new Mosaic Stadium will be substantially complete in August 2016 and the first Rider game will be held in the new venue in June 2017.