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MyLocalPitch: an intuitive search & booking platform for sports venues

Sports venues play a vital role within local communities by bringing people together and providing somewhere to enjoy active and healthy lifestyles. The greater number of participants enjoying grassroots sports the better, and MyLocalPitch launched to facilitate this initiative by creating a reliable and reputable search and booking portal for venues.

Similar platforms exist for taxi, hotel and flight industries, which have proven hugely successful. These first movers gave the public a means to quickly and easily book online or on-the-move, and until now the sports venue industry hasn’t had a viable equivalent.

MyLocalPitch came to existence in January 2014 and works with the finest providers of sports venues in London and Dublin, who have the best pitches, courts and other sports facilities.

The company provides free booking software and marketing services for venues, as well as providing a web and mobile platform for players to search and book pitches.

MyLocalPitch is growing quickly and has signed up the largest venue operators in London, including PowerLeague, Fusion and GLL. There are 15 sports available through the site with thousands of active users enjoying access to over 4,000 pitches and courts on the database.

Venue partners benefit from online bookings that allow them to offload slots minimising the need to deal with enquiries by phone or email. Customer data and previous bookings are collated making keeping records easier.

MyLocalPitch research reveals that the conversion rate for a user viewing a venues web page and making a booking is 20% – significantly improving user experience.

Facilities listing with MyLocalPitch can offer specific time slots to optimise the venue as much as possible. The ability to connect to venues’ booking software means there’s no risk of double booking and all changes can be managed through the venues original software.

For venues looking to offer online bookings for the first time, or move from their existing providers, the company is offering proven software BookingBug free as part of the package. This is done effortlessly and quickly to give venues access to up-to-date bookings and transactions. A recently launched payment gateway lets instant payments be made securely straight into accounts and electronic records are maintained.

Venues avoid upfront costs or on-going fixed charges for the service as MyLocalPitch works purely on a commission basis for placed bookings. Variable rates are offered in consideration of peak slots.

Localised marketing campaigns are part of the service that target users to promote slots and developments to the facilities.

An app was released last November to give users the option of searching and booking sports venues on-the-move to further simplify the process. Half of the customers come from mobile and tablet so it’s always been the intention to create a simple product to cater to this audience.  The app allows users to compare prices, search for their favourite surfaces, and book venues. It also allows users to search for pitches nearest their current location.

In October 2015, the MyLocalPitch ‘Outstanding London Sports Venue Award’ launched to recognise facilities excelling in pitch and amenity quality, as well as the role they play in communities. This initiative strengthens relationships with the venues and helps build rapport with the mangers on site.

Sport is all about teamwork whether on the field or with your coaching staff and MyLocalPitch has positioned itself as the venues’ perfect partner. Providing an intuitive platform to promote venues and making life easier for consumer’s means everybody wins.