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New J-League stadium proposed for Shintomi

Japanese football club Tegevajaro Miyazaki look set to build a new stadium in the coastal town of Shintomi in Miyazaki Prefecture.

Tegevajaro Miyazaki were promoted to the Japan Football League (JFL), the fourth tier of the country’s football league pyramid, from the Kyushu Regional League at the end of last year. It is one of the clubs vying for the promotion spots to the fully professional J-League.

Miyazaki Prefecture, despite having two clubs in the JFL now, remains the only prefecture in Kyushu without a J-League club.

To ensure promotion from the JFL to the third tier J3 League, Tegevajaro need to secure an average attendance of 2,000 per home game, finish fourth or higher in the league table, and secure a home stadium that meets the J3 club license criteria, a facility that Miyzakaki Prefecture currently does not have.

The club mainly play their home games at the Fujimi Park Athletic Field (pictured), with a capacity on only 1,000, in Tsuno Town, located some 40km north east of Miyazaki City.

The club, after carefully examining available options, selected Shintomi Town, which also had plans to redevelop an empty land into a football field, as the site for their new stadium, according to MRT Miyazaki Broadcasting.

Kazuhiro Yanagita, the club’s representative, said:

The stadium is a mandatory requirement if we are to gain the J-League club license, and Shintomi Town came up with the best offer within the limited timeline assumed for earliest promotion to the J-League.

We will do our best in our promotions and campaigns to get the message across to everyone in Miyazaki that there is a local football club they can follow and support.

The Town has paid around £3.5 million for an area of land of 183,000 m2 which is within a 10-minute walk to a railway station and shopping arcade and is right next to Route 10.

The stadium will require approximately 43,000m2 of land within this acquired area, and the club hope to fund the project with some financial support from the sponsors.

The Town is also planning to develop a football park with artificial pitches, and retail outlets selling locally sourced and processed products, around the stadium.

Shinya Hiejima, head of town development promotion at the Shintomi Town Hall, said:

The Town will build the stadium for Tegevajaro and football centre for the local community, all within the Town’s sports park area.

By providing these facilities, we hope Shintomi Town will become Miyazaki’s new home of football. If successful, we’ll then see businesses grow in the area, and that will create jobs and therefore attract younger generations to move in and hopefully encourage them to spend the rest of their lives in Shintomi.

Image: Fujimi Park Athletic Field


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