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New Las Vegas stadium “has parking issues”

A report about the new stadium being planned for the Raiders NFL franchise when it moves to Las Vegas suggests there is a parking issue at the site.

The new $2bn stadium, which is designed to hold 65,000 people, is being planned for a vacant plot of land beside i-15 and within sight of the Las Vegas Strip.  However ABC Action News says that there is only space for 2,300 cars, which it estimates is 16,000 less than is needed.

Evan Young, President of the Raiders Booster Club Las Vegas, told the channel, “I think there’s more room around the desert. Not so closed in right here. But hey, they picked the spot. We’ll take it where it’s at.”

But Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak is upbeat. “Parking is an issue. It’s not an issue that’s unsolvable. There are a lot of wheels in motion, balls in the air that hopefully are going to come down at the right time,” it quotes him as saying.