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New LED lighting for Orange Velodrome

Lighting specialist Signify has fitted Marseille’s Orange Velodrome with an LED lighting system, making it the largest 100% LED stadium in France.

The Orange Velodrome stadium, home to legendary Olympique de Marseille, has a capacity of 67,000 seats.

By connecting the lights to Signify’s connected lighting system Interact Sports, spectators can enjoy the next generation immersive fan experience as it integrates light, sound and animations.

Signify’s Philips ArenaVision LEDs were installed in the stands (terrace lighting) and on the field (pitch lighting) meeting the latest standards of international sports federations and broadcasters, offering best-in-class field of play lighting and light shows to build fan excitement.

Without flickering, the LED technology allows fans watching at home to follow all details of the game in high definition.

In the stadium, fans will appreciate the gestures and emotions of the players in real time, and during the replay in super slow-motion.

It also offers stadium managers greater flexibility thanks to one dashboard to centrally control the Interact Sports system and software.

Thierry Aldebert, deputy general manager of operations for Olympique de Marseille, said:

The Philips ArenaVision LEDs connected to the Interact Sports system, offer an exclusive animation tool to the supporters of the Orange Velodrome, spectators and citizens of Marseille.

Coupled with the new sound system, it delivers an unforgettable match experience. This brings immersion, resonance, thrill and pride. The first tests with the supporters, highlighting their creations and animations, are very positive, and we welcome their ideas in order to give Marseille and OM a reputation worthy of the greatest.

As well as being eco-responsible, Signify’s connected lighting system at the Orange Velodrome showcases a long lifespan, flexibility and extremely reduced maintenance, contributing to the stadium’s sustainability policy.

With this investment, the Orange Velodrome once again illustrates its desire to be one of the most recognized venues in the world for the organization and staging of major sporting and entertainment events.

The lighting includes 316 Philips ArenaVision LED projectors for pitch lighting and 60 Philips ArenaVision LED projectors for the stands.