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New LED lighting system at Aviva Stadium

Musco has installed a new state-of-the-art LED lighting system at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Ireland.

Recognised globally for hosting everything from rugby, football, and American football to world-class concerts and major international business conferences, Aviva has always prided itself on delivering the best possible stadium experience.

As one of 12 venues for EURO 2020 next year, the stadium’s board determined that it needed an advanced new lighting system for the international tournament.

The new lighting also would need to meet the distinctive lighting requirements for the various other events at the stadium, such as those set forth by UEFA, FIFA, and World Rugby. Stadium director Martin Murphy said:

Aviva Stadium is a unique international venue with a rich history and longstanding commitment to providing exceptional experiences.

As we continue to evolve the stadium and stay at the forefront of sports and entertainment, it was vital to install a lighting system with the most advanced technology, capable of providing the best possible experience for players and spectators, meet the enhanced light levels required for a variety of sanctioning bodies, and produce exciting new special effects scenes and light shows.

Aviva Stadium operations and project managers conducted research into a range of potential options from a variety of manufacturers. They ultimately found that the Total Light Control—TLC for LED system designed by Musco Sports Lighting to be the best stadium lighting solution on the market.

Musco installed the original lighting system at Aviva when it was built in 2010, which utilised a high intensity discharge (HID) light source.

While that system was still performing well, the advanced technology of Musco’s system using the LED light source offers a number of key new benefits, including the ability to turn the stadium’s lighting on and off instantly, improving match continuity and efficiency.

The system also features patented fixture visoring that greatly improves light control and minimises the impact of glare, as well as innovative lighting controls by StadiumFX, providing an exciting range of cutting-edge special effects scenes and light shows with light-to-sound synchronisation.

Installation was handled by McSherry Electrical, which also installed the stadium’s original HID lighting, allowing for a unique depth of knowledge of Aviva’s structural environment as well as Musco’s technology and team.

“We’re very familiar with Musco and its exceptional reputation for designing stadium lighting systems,” Project Director Michael Greene said. “They bring proven expertise when it comes to LED technology, minimising glare, and managing the many different challenges of this project. In addition the long-term warranty means we won’t have to concern ourselves with maintenance costs well into the future. Once again, they proved to be an ideal partner.”

The new lighting at Aviva is Musco’s same system-based LED technology that’s been installed at other iconic venues throughout Europe and around the world, including Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Emirates Stadium, Manchester Arena, Twickenham Stadium, and Wimbledon’s Centre Court.

It’s backed up by a long-term warranty that includes all parts and labour, which will eliminate maintenance costs for stadium ownership well into the future.

Jeff Rogers, president of Musco World, said:

Aviva Stadium hosts all kinds of different sports and entertainment events throughout the year, many of which are international in scale and draw a global audience.

We worked closely with their team and our partners at McSherry Electrical and StadiumFX to deliver a customised LED system that will meet the unique lighting needs for all of those events and provide an unforgettable entertainment experience for fans.