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New perimeter LED displays for San Siro

FC Internazionale Milano and AC Milan have implemented a new digital system for the advertising boards around the pitch at their shared San Siro ground, that will ensure perfect resolution of images.

The two clubs have formed a strategic alliance with two of the sector’s leading companies, Tecnovision Ledwall Srl and AIM Sport, in collaboration with MI-Stadio.

Inter and AC Milan will, therefore, be the first two clubs in the world to benefit from this system across two rows around the entire perimeter of the pitch, starting in the Nerazzurri’s next league game.

The system will deliver a high resolution developed specifically for 4K broadcasting. Both clubs have invested in the technology to offer their partners a superior quality of animation and images, which will ensure a higher level of advertising exposure to the global audience during games.

The brand exposure in domination mode across two rows covers an area of over 440m2, with 30-million LEDs definition.

Partners will therefore have a greater opportunity to animate their brand, delivering a more detailed message which will increase both the effectiveness of the communication and the visual impact on the audience, especially for the hundreds of millions of people worldwide who are watching live coverage of matches.